Chicago Sports Zone

Waiver & Rules

Sports Zone’s Baby and Toddler Indoor Open Play is a great place to meet up with other  parents, while allowing your children to explore and have fun in our climate controlled, contained area. Your toddler can enjoy our open and safe environment while working on motor skills as well as socialization.


**ALL participants MUST complete waiver prior to participation, NO EXCEPTIONS! Waiver MUST be updated once a year**



To prevent injuries, maintain a clean environment and keep little ones safe and comfortable, please be informed and adhere to the Indoor Open Play Rules:

• Purchase play space admission for all children 0-4 years old. Re-admission allowed from 9:00am-3:00pm with proper proof of purchase. Same day re-admission only.

• ALL participants MUST complete waiver prior to participation.

• Sanitize hands prior to entering and thoroughly wash hands after every bathroom visit.

• Please use the changing station located in the restroom.

• Shoes and or socks must be worn at all times. 

• No sick children: fevers, rashes or infections are not allowed. 

• Food and drink should be kept in the seating-perimeter area only, not on the field (play area).

• Running and rough play are not permitted; children who hurt others or damage surroundings and toys will be asked to leave the play space with their caregiver.

• Parents and caregivers must stay on the premises; you are responsible for your child/children at all times.

• Sports Zone will not be held liable for any injuries.