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Lil’ Kickers – Soccer for Kids 18 months to 9 years

Lil’ Kickers Soccer is a nationwide child development program which focuses on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills to build a foundation that will help children be successful on and off the soccer field. Experience the FUN and feel the excitement.

 Lil’ Kickers, a Strong Foundation… For Life

Step onto the field during any Lil’ Kickers class and you will find it transformed into a world created just for your child. Our developmentally minded coaches will thrill your child with 50 minutes of highly creative, high energy and age appropriate activities that teach technically sound soccer skills, and help children master the developmental milestones they must tackle at each age.

Because Lil’ Kickers is first and foremost a child development program our purpose is really to help children mature on all levels. Our classes focus on building a strong physical, intellectual and emotional foundation that will help children be successful on and off the soccer field.

We believe in teaching children in ways that suit their developmental level. So you won’t see adult-like skill drills in our classes, but you will see teaching methods specifically designed to create an atmosphere that is effective and fun. You will also see happy, confident and sweaty kids who are eager to learn and want to keep coming back for more.

Whether your child is new to soccer or has already developed a love for the game, the progressive nature of our program offers a place for children at every level. Our convenient class times offer families several options to accommodate multiple children and busy schedules.

Lil’ Kickers is the largest national child development soccer program in the United States. In fact, Lil’ Kickers total enrollment exceeded 90,700 nationwide in 2007. Lil’ Kickers is popular with parents because the program uses soccer to guide children in developing social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills in a positive, safe and fun atmosphere.

The Lil’ Kickers class curriculum and coach training is specifically designed to coincide with developmental milestones that are a natural part of childhood. As kids progress through the Lil’ Kickers program, they grow into confident players with a strong set of soccer skills and an understanding of team work.