Chicago Sports Zone

Facility Partners

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers is the proud sponsor of Sports Zone in Melrose Park, IL

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers offers a wide range of programs and specialized services to help our patients restore and maintain their physical strength, performance skills, and levels of function. Our well-trained, professional staff utilizes the most progressive treatment options and techniques to ensure the best possible recoveries. 

Our patients are guaranteed the highest level of service; and there is never any doubt that Accelerated is serious about clinical excellence and the care we deliver to our patients. That’s why Accelerated is the choice for the nation’s top professional athletes, largest employers, and busy professionals. 

Whether you’ve experienced a sports- or work-related injury, have undergone surgery, or are recovering from an illness, Accelerated has a program that suits your rehabilitation needs. Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers takes pride in supporting our communities as well as its athletes, coaches, parents and families. Our licensed, certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists are committed to providing excellent, quality care for high schools, colleges, clubs and professional teams. In addition we support many local recreational groups, and individuals who are working toward lifestyles of wellness and personal fitness. 

Accelerated provides Free Injury Screens to any individual that may be suffering from an injury or are experiencing pain. All Free Injury Screens include:

• Free physical assessment by a licensed Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer

• Convenient, easy scheduling (877-97-REHAB)

• Is a 15- to 30-minute examination

• Complete explanation of findings

• Instructions for exercises and self-care activities

• Injury prevention consultation

• Physician referral and physician scheduling assistance, if needed

If you ignore the injury or pain for too long, certain muscle changes may occur. The result? An injury that may have only taken a few days to mend may take significantly longer to heal. The Injury Screen may also beneficial if you would like to improve your physical performance or avoid injury.

The following dates and times are when Accelerated will be at Sports Zone: